Terms and Conditions

By purchasing the service offered through this website, you are accepting and acknowledging the following terms and conditions
  • ** This website (www.sendaletterfromsanta.com) has no affiliation whatsoever with Santa's Village or Santa's Post Office. The post office that offers the special Santa imprint is a public post office from which the letters are mailed. This website (www.sendaletterfromsanta.com) only coordinates a custom letter to be mailed for you from the aforementioned post office.
  • ** This website (www.sendaletterfromsanta.com) is not responsible or liable for letters that arrive without the Santa imprint on the envelope as this imprint is applied to envelopes by Santa's Post Office. However, please understand they apply the Santa imprint to all letters mailed from the public post office, yet we simply cannot make a guarantee in the case a post office worker makes a mistake, which would be an extremely rare situation.
  • ** This website (www.sendaletterfromsanta.com) cannot guarantee that all ordered letters will arrive before Christmas due to incompetence or fault of local postal authorities in your home country or in Finland. All envelopes will be written to the exact address and layout of text that is submitted in order forms.
  • ** All orders through this website (www.sendaletterfromsanta.com) are NON-REFUNDABLE
  • ** This website (www.sendaletterfromsanta.com)reserves the right to edit text for profane or innapropriate words/and or phrases submitted as Letter Template details - We will not send letters with profanity in them.