F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions

Well, both - depends on where you are from. In different cultures and countries, Santa not only sometimes goes by different names (Kris Kringle, Father Christmas, Sinterklass), but also has a different home. In many European countries, it is believed that Santa Claus lives in Finland, in the far far north of Lapland. Accordingly, there is Santa's Village and Post Office both located on the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi, Finland.

So whether from the North Pole or Finland, Santa has his post office in Finland - personally meeting and greeting the thousands of visitors that travel to Rovaniemi each year to see him. You'd be very impressed by how many languages Santa can speak!

Because it conveys AUTHENTICITY that the letter is directly from Santa. This is a strong symbol to a skeptical child and a special symbol to a true believer. All Santa letters are posted from the Santa Post Office and postmarked by hand with a special postmark. The postmark (below) conveys greetings to the recipient from the Arctic Circle and Santa Claus himself. This postmark cannot be sent from any other location in the world. You will see just how special it is when your child's or friend's eyes light up when receiving a letter from Santa.


The letter will arrive a few days to 2 weeks before Christmas depending on the country being mailed to. They are posted from a special post box (pictured below)from which the post office sorts the letters by country and mails them specifically in time to reach their destination in December and before Christmas.


Arrival dates cannot be guaranteed however if there are issues with the mail delivery services in the destination country.
Currently, November 25th is the last day orders will be accepted in order to ensure arrival before Christmas 2015.
INSERT NAME =The first name of person the letter is being sent to
INSERT GENDER = The gender of the person letter is being sent to - BOY or GIRL
INSERT HOME TOWN = The town where the person being sent the letter lives